Want to learn how to create your very own introduction video for your Youtube channel, social media platform, or Skillshare class?

Join filmmaker and Skillshare editor, Lee Cohen, to learn how to create compelling introduction videos. This class is a crash course in planning, filming, and producing an intro video for your next Skillshare class, YouTube channel, or social media post. You’ll learn everything from:

What the structure of a successful intro video is
How to outline your talking points
What gear you’ll need
How to set up a film shoot
What to keep in mind as you film
How to bring it all together in the edit
This class is for absolute beginners–all you need is an idea for a class or video, and I’ll walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you follow along with basic student assignments that ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. All you need to start is the phone in your pocket!

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