Have you ever thought about doing video content for yourself or your brand, but it just seemed too complicated? It doesn’t need to be that way, not anymore! Join me in this class and learn how to script, shoot, and edit videos all by yourself!

In this class, we’ll dive into the fundamentals of video production for content creation. I’ll share with you the principles I’ve learned throughout the last seven years of developing my audiovisual content creation business. Photos once had enough impact by themselves to call attention to your brand on social media, but video is taking over, and nowadays, it’s super important to have a strategy that mixes up both. This class serves as a summary or checklist of everything you should consider, in the correct order, to be successful in small homemade productions for yourself or your brand.

Throughout this class, you’ll learn how to:

Script and plan for your shoot
Make the best use out of the space you’ve got available
Set up your camera, microphone, and lighting
Talk confidently to the camera
Record extra visual content to enhance your message
Put it all together in post with smooth edits
Who’s this class for:

This class is perfect for beginners. It’s aimed at anyone who wants to create video content by themselves. If you have your own brand, a shop, if you’re an artist, or maybe a photographer that suddenly noticed video taking over all platforms, this class is for you. We’ll go through different options of gear, tools that will help you plan for your videos, the best settings for video and audio, and how to do some basic editing all on your own.

What do you need for this class:

Any kind of camera, a smartphone will be enough, and that’s all! We’ll talk about differences in equipment, and with time and according to your needs, you’ll be able to understand in which areas you’ll need some upgrades. For editing, you can use whatever you’d like, throughout the class, I’ll be using DaVinci Resolve which is a free program.

Estimated Time