Take your Google Analytics skills to the next level with award-winning Digital Marketing agency owner, Josh George!

This class expands on what is taught in my “Google Analytics for Marketers: Demystifying Your Websites Traffic” and dives deeper into the data within your Google Analytics account.

In this class, you’ll learn:

How to set up custom alerts (traffic spikes and drops)
How to add additional users onto your Google Analytics account
How to link your Google Ads accounts to Google Analytics
How to set up custom dashboards in Google Analytics
About Analytics Intelligence—Google’s new machine learning feature
How to set up goals in Google Analytics to measure your business’ success
How to set up e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics
How to set up event tracking to track website clicks
How to track results from specific marketing activities—campaign tagging
Understanding how to pull key insights from your data is going to take your analytics knowledge to a whole new level.

Estimated Time