Clever Software Engineer – Infrastructure

Software Engineer

The Infrastructure team at Clever is responsible for the internal platform used by all engineering teams to build, deploy, and monitor Clever’s products. As a member of the Infrastructure team, you’ll build systems that enable all engineering teams at Clever to build, deploy, and iterate on their services, without compromising reliability. You will collaborate across engineering teams to identify gaps in our automation and tooling, helping the entire engineering organization become more effective.

Software Engineer




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About Clever

Clever was born of co-founder Dan Carroll’s frustration as a school tech director in Denver. His plans to use technology to save teachers time and personalize learning were stymied by countless CSV files and forgotten passwords. Dan recalls, “I wanted to be an innovator, but I got stuck being a human API.”

Software has the potential to empower teachers and create new ways to learn. But one thing must happen first. Everyone must be able to log in—quickly and securely.

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